Eat in Auckland

Guten Tag ! Or “Kia Ora” as we say here, in Maori.

Now, three months that I am in Auckland for my working visa holidays and it’s time for me to write you something about… FOOD ! Well, to be honest I didn’t know what to expect and I have to say what a good surprise ! Actually, I was scared to miss my favorite german dishes as the “Wurst”, ” Schnitzel” and apple strudel and the last but not least, “brezel”. But in reality, absolutely not. You can find all kind of food in the city of Auckland and also german restaurant, in case you get homesick. About that, I heard a lot of german friends talking about  “Der Metz” restaurant, should be one which do typical courses. I didn’t try yet, I will and I’ll talk about that later in a next article concerning tips to not miss home. Well, enough speaking about Germany ! It’s time to speak about my own food experience in Auckland.

First of all, do not expect to found “exotic” or “typical” food as you can find in Asia  or South America. Food is quite “occidental”. However, Auckland is a multicultural melting pot, ranked world’s fourth most cosmopolitan city in 2016 by an international study. So, you can find every types of food here : indian, asian, european, american, etc… Furthermore, forgive all your ideas about  “junk food”, it’s really easy to eat well and healthy. Thus, no time to get bored about eating every time the same thing. I did a top 5 restaurants, I tried to mix different nationalities but also food from New Zealand.

Here my top 5 restaurants in Auckland :

Burger Burger : Ok, just one thing to say, delicious ! Burgers are so good, bread is smooth and products are fresh. Also, to go with your burger you can order different kind of fries or be reasonable and take broccoli. Nice place and team. Bonus : You have to try their peanut butter & chocolate milkshake, you won’t regret it.

Dantes Pizzeria : Definitely the best pizza in town ! Lot of products are from Napoli and chefs were used to work for years in Italy and you feel the difference. Bonus : Ponsonby is my favorite neighborhood in Auckland, you’ll find  fancy shop to go after pizza.

Cafe Hanoi : The place to be to eat good street-inspired Vietnamese dishes served in a stylish space. Also, thank to them i am definitely reconciliated with the Feijoa. I’ve already ate this fruit and to be honest I hated it. Now, I understood that can be good following how it’s prepared and  the quality. Bonus : They advised me to buy exotic fruits at Produce Company, a wholesale food service supplier. Can be good alternative for exceptional products I can’t found easily.

Azabu : If you thought that japanese food is only sushi, you’re wrong. You’ll be suprised to see all the different meal you can eat in this restaurant. The local is very nice and urban. Bonus : If you drink alcohol, you should try one of their sake !

Poke Poke : If you’re looking for a chilled out environment and healthy food, check out this restaurant. Just, fresh and good. Bonus : The dishes are served in a coco bowl, perfect for an instagram picture !

Enjoy !